Clinical Medical Education Program

Businesswoman leading a training class for professionals

Welcome to C-MED

The C-MED program is an innovative modular program designed for UNSW medical conjoints who wish to improve their teaching skills and knowledge. Please watch the video below for further details about the program and basic log in instructions.

C-MED SharePoint  

We have created a dedicated SharePoint site where we have collated all the relevant information about the C-MED program for you. This SharePoint will also provide you with information about how to access the program on Moodle. You can access the SharePoint site by simply clicking on the link below:  

Access Sharepoint

As explained in the video above, you will need access to your zID and password to login to the SharePoint site. If you are prompted to request access to our SharePoint site you may already be signed in with a different organisation's account. If this is the case you will need to sign out and ensure that you are using your UNSW credentials (i.e., your zID and password) to sign in. 

If you need help with your zID and password, please contact UNSW IT using the following details to call +61 2 9385 1333 or email