Education innovation

We’re developing compassionate innovators and global leaders in health through education.

Students from our health professional programs learning in UNSW Medicine & Health’s facilities

UNSW Medicine & Health aims to improve quality of life for all by tackling the complex and important health challenges our society will face in coming years. We’re innovative through our use of technology, our approach to hands on learning and how we adapt our education programs to suit healthcare needs.

Our vision for education is to develop compassionate innovators and global leaders in health. 

Australia’s best learning experience in health

Through technology-enhanced educational practices, we provide a transformative and effective learning experience for students. We strive to rebuild, continuously review, and revamp how and what we teach across all courses, developing a vibrant learning community that works in partnership with students. 

New health professional programs

Launching in early 2023, our new and unique primary and allied health programs offer extensive practical and interdisciplinary training to prepare students for their future profession in health.

An innovative approach to outreach

UNSW’s Museum of Human Disease provides a space that enables all people to make educated decisions about their health and lifestyle choices. We endeavour to provide our visitors, which include high school students and teachers with an experience which can inform and challenge them. 

Equity and access to training

We offer multiple pathways to develop a broad range of skills. Our student cohort reflects the diversity of our community, with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and those from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds. This is how our students’ become innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and advocates fit for the health challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Rural clinical campuses

Beyond the city, we've worked consistently to improve rural doctor numbers by providing world-class medical education in remote locations through our ever-expanding Rural clinical campuses.