Postgraduate research

Students from our health professional programs learning in UNSW Medicine & Health’s facilities

Studying postgraduate research at UNSW Medicine & Health places you alongside leading researchers breaking through the frontiers of modern medicine. Sophisticated facilities, superior partnerships with leading medical centres and institutes, and the strength of UNSW’s research-focused community creates exceptional career development opportunities for postgraduate research candidates wanting to work towards a better future in healthcare.

Our research themes

Delve into our research themes to discover where you can focus your postgraduate degree research candidature. Learn how you can contribute to improving patient outcomes in traditional and emerging areas of medicine.

Become a postgraduate research candidate

Whether you're looking to study a PhD, Research Master Degree or Professional Doctorate, UNSW Medicine & Health offers a range of postgraduate research study options through our schools, centres and institutes. Our degrees are designed to expand your ability to pursue a career with real impact.

Postgraduate research scholarships

UNSW Medicine & Health offers various Graduate Research Scholarships to domestic and international postgraduate candidates to ensure that the brightest minds can study with us.

Research and professional skills training

At UNSW Medicine & Health, we provide postgraduate candidates with training in academic and professional skills to prepare them for their future careers.

Resources and support

We provide multiple resources and services designed specifically to support UNSW Medicine & Health postgraduate candidates.

Want to know more?

Discover how to become a postgraduate candidate at UNSW Medicine & Health and learn how we can help expand your professional potential.