Embarking on postgraduate research is a significant undertaking. Sometimes candidates can feel overwhelmed, which is why we provide multiple resources and services designed specifically to support UNSW Medicine & Health postgraduate research candidates. 

Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors 

  • The Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors (HWAs) are a team of postgraduate research students from UNSW Medicine & Health who have been training in Mental Health First Aid. 
  • We provide confidential peer support for candidates who have concerns about their mental health or general wellbeing, or that of other candidates. 
  • There are HWAs from every school and institute across UNSW Medicine & Health. 
  • We’ll be hosting events and sharing content for health and wellbeing awareness and building the Medicine & Health postgraduate research community. 

You can contact us via the email below and we’ll connect you to a HWA from your school. 

Medicine & Health induction  

We encourage new postgraduate research candidates to attend our induction day, which is held in Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3. The Induction is separate from the orientation events organised by the Graduate Research School and the school inductions. The Postgraduate Research Induction Day allows new candidates to meet various UNSW representatives who provide support services for candidates during their study at UNSW Medicine & Health. Learn more about postgraduate research resources and support below. 

More resources

Higher Degree Research Peer Support Program

The Higher Degree Research (HDR) Peer Support Program is designed to support the transition of first year HDR candidates into UNSW. This program enables HDR candidates to share resources, tips and advice, and network with others in the program.

Postgraduate Research Coordinators & HDR Coordinators

Each of our schools and centres have a Postgraduate Research Coordinator (PGC) and HDR Coordinators. Your PGC can provide advice, guidance and support you through the process and ensure you’re supported throughout your candidature.

Town hall sessions in schools

The Associate Dean Postgraduate Research Training, Medicine & Health offers Town Hall sessions in each school to provide research candidates with information on new initiatives at UNSW and in Medicine & Health, candidature management and support services. Get in touch.
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UNSW Psychology and Wellness

Undertaking a postgraduate research degree can be stressful. Sometimes issues will arise that can’t be addressed by your supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator. UNSW Psychology and Wellness provide a free and confidential service to all students, including research candidates.
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Student support

UNSW has a Student Support Team to help students with personalised advice and information about university life, student visas, wellbeing, academic performance or if you need help but don't know where to go.
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HDR Extend

HDR Extend is a resource developed by the Research Development unit to navigate your candidature at UNSW and career options upon completion of your studies.
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Library research

UNSW Library Research consultations connect researchers to the information and skills required to support their research, answer specific research queries, locate relevant information tools and develop research strategies tailored to individual or group needs.
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Stats Central

Stats Central offers free consulting services to postgraduate research candidates. They can provide you with advice on the design of your study as well as short courses and monthly seminars.
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The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers academic skills support to all UNSW postgraduate research candidates.
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