Embarking on postgraduate research is a significant undertaking. Sometimes candidates can feel overwhelmed, which is why we provide multiple resources and services designed specifically to support UNSW Medicine & Health postgraduate research candidates. 

Candidate Higher Degree Committee 

We organise monthly Candidate Higher Degree Committee (CDHC) meetings with candidate representatives across all the schools and UNSW Medicine & Health. These meetings provide a forum for candidates to provide feedback directly to the faculty. They also serve as a way for the faculty to share key aspects of their strategy to support postgraduate research student candidature. 

The CDHC runs candidate-led initiatives addressing issues across our schools, research institutes and research centres. Representatives share the information with all candidates within their school via their postgraduate research candidate society and communication channels within their schools. 

HDR information brochure - a first year’s guide to progress reviews 

The Candidate Higher Degree Committee (CHDC) developed this information brochure to support first-year HDR candidates in maximising their success leading up to the confirmation. 

Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors 

  • The Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors (HWAs) are a team of postgraduate research students from UNSW Medicine & Health who have been trained as Mental Health First Aid officers. 
  • We provide confidential peer support for candidates who have concerns about their mental health or general wellbeing, or that of other candidates. 
  • There are HWAs from every school and institute across UNSW Medicine & Health. 
  • We’ll be hosting events and sharing content for health and wellbeing awareness and building the Medicine & Health postgraduate research community. 

You can contact us via the email below and we’ll connect you to a HWA from your school. 

Medicine & Health induction  

We encourage new postgraduate research candidates to attend our induction day, which is held in Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3. The Induction is separate from the orientation events organised by the Graduate Research School and the school inductions. The Postgraduate Research Induction Day allows new candidates to meet various UNSW representatives who provide support services for candidates during their study at UNSW Medicine & Health. Learn more about postgraduate research resources and support below. 

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