Join a research team where your research work will support new medical innovations and discoveries that make a difference in creating a better future in healthcare. As a postgraduate research candidate at UNSW Medicine & Health, you’ll learn alongside globally recognised researchers and clinicians at our advanced research and teaching facilities within an engaging research culture.

Study postgraduate research

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy candidates undertake an original and critical research project that makes a significant contribution to existing knowledge of relevance nationally and internationally. Candidates carry out their research under the supervision of some of Australia’s leading researchers.
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Master of Science by Research

A Master of Science by Research is your opportunity to contribute new knowledge within your chosen scientific discipline. You'll use research skills and methodologies to demonstrate your original scientific insights.
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Master of Surgery

The Master of Surgery requires an original contribution to knowledge in a field related to surgery. The program is offered at the School of Clinical Medicine.
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Master of Philosophy

A Master of Philosophy (MPhil) combines a thesis comprising an original piece of research that is at least 66 per cent of the degree, and compulsory coursework with research training relevant to the field of study. The Master of Philosophy may also provide a pathway to the PhD program.
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Future Health Leaders Professional Doctorate

The UNSW Future Health Leaders Program in the School of Population Health is a workplace-based 3-year professional doctorate for candidates identified as future leaders. The focus of this program is health management, public health and health leadership.
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Explore our research themes

UNSW Medicine & Health researchers are translating research into breakthrough cures in some of the most critical areas of medicine, including cancer, neuroscience, mental health, addiction, infectious disease, immunity and inflammation, cardiac, metabolic and vascular medicine, and health sciences. Explore our research themes to discover where you can focus your postgraduate research.

Supervision during your postgraduate research

As a postgraduate candidate at UNSW Medicine & Health, you’ll benefit from the guidance and supervision of globally recognised researchers. All UNSW Medicine & Health postgraduate supervisors follow supervision practices, UNSW policies, procedures and all relevant resources. New supervisors at UNSW must undertake the Essentials of Supervision training and pass the associated assessment before they’re eligible to become a primary supervisor and lead a supervisory team at a postgraduate level. 

How to apply

Are you interested in applying to UNSW Medicine & Health's postgraduate research program? The UNSW Graduate Research School provides the information you need, including where to find the application form, what documents you need to provide, and the key dates for your application.
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Postgraduate research scholarships

UNSW Medicine & Health offers various graduate research scholarships to domestic and international postgraduate research candidates. Some scholarship schemes also offer additional funding for career development and internship opportunities with our leading industry partners.

Resources and support

Choosing to pursue postgraduate research is a significant and, sometimes, overwhelming undertaking. That's why we provide multiple streams of services and resources to support our postgraduate candidates, whatever your unique circumstances may be.

Our postgraduate research team of experienced academic staff can offer advice and guidance on our postgraduate courses and research. If you have any queries about your program or studying with us, we'd love to hear from you.