Optics and Radiometry Laboratory (ORLAB)

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Welcome to the Optics and Radiometry Laboratory (ORLAB). We are a self-sustaining test, calibration and research facility associated with the University of New South Wales. We have over thirty years expertise in the areas of light, colour and optical testing. With this experience, our facility provides services to industry, maintains a research program and plays an active role in supporting standards development at the national and international levels.  

ORLAB has been NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited to ISO 17025 since 1985 for a broad range of activities. For much of the scope of testing, ORLAB is the only accredited laboratory in New South Wales and is the only accredited laboratory in Australia for many services. 

We provide services to industry (nationally and internationally), supports research programmes, and we are involved in standards development at national and international levels. ORLAB aims to provide services throughout the areas of light, colour and optics.

See our scope of accreditation.

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Located at the Kensington campus, UNSW Sydney, ORLAB hosts a range of facilities for testing and calibration. View our contact details, key staff and location.


Our staff are highly experienced with expertise in a range of technical capabilities, product testing and calibration. ORLAB staff sit on several Standards Australia committees and assist in the preparation of these standards.

Other Services

We have over thirty years' experience in the areas of light, colour and optical testing. ORLAB is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), to perform testing and inspecting activities for their products and services as well as providing bespoke services to industry.

Major equipment

See our major resources in ORLAB. If your testing and calibration needs are not explicitly covered in the other sections, you may see the appropriate equipment here.

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  • Varian Cary 5000 UV-Visible-NIR spectrophotometers with diffuse reflectance attachment and universal measurement attachment.

    Perkin Elmer FTIR spectrophotometer with reflectance attachment.

    Optronik (X-Rite) model SMSµ10 type A goniophotometer. Detectors at 3.152 m (automotive), 8 m (traffic signals) and 10m (RMS 10 retroreflectivity attachment).

    Everfine model GO-2000A goniophotometer with a spectroradiometer.

    Alex Wright & Co 1m integrating sphere with auxiliary source.

    RTA 530mm integrating sphere adapted for spots and downlights.

    Topcon SR-3 and Photo Research PR-730 spectroradiometers.

    Set of 12 BCRA colour tiles calibrated by National Physical Laboratory, UK and white tiles calibrated by National Research Council, Canada.

    Set of BYK Gardner gloss reference tiles calibrated at BAM, Germany.

    Set of BYK Gardner haze references calibrated at National Physical Laboratory, UK.

    Set of illuminance and spectral irradiance standard lamps calibrated by National Measurement Institute, Australia.

    Optronik OL-400C adjustable luminance source.

    Set of reference neutral density filters calibrated by National Research Council, Canada.

  • Telescope complying with EN 167 for refractive power tests.

    BYK Gardner hazemeter.

    SUGA HZ-V3 hazemeter.

    EN167 light diffusion apparatus.

    Tomey TL-3000B automated focimeter.

    Nidek LM-1800 automated focimeter with Di-check option.

    JMOIA Precision lens set (spheres and prisms) and custom-made cylindrical and near plano lenses calibrated by National Physical Laboratory, UK.

    Inspec Abrasion resistance (including ISO 12311) (falling sand) apparatus.

    Inspec Dust tightness apparatus.

    Inspec Resistance to molten metal apparatus.

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