The Red Eye Clinic provides services for patients who experience acute ocular signs or visual symptoms. Appointments for patients will be scheduled depending on urgency of presentation, with most patients being seen on the same day.


Examples of what we manage:

  • Conjunctivitis 

  • Keratitis

  • Sudden changes in vision 

  • Foreign bodies

  • Swollen eyelids 

  • Painful eyes

  • Ocular allergies 

  • Contact lens related problems


Frequently asked questions

  • Examinations are available to UNSW staff, students and the general public at no cost to patients during term. You do NOT need a Medicare Card.

  • Referrals are not necessary but we welcome referrals from other health care providers, as the Red Eye Clinic provides a fast and responsive alternative pathway for acute eye care.

    Our service will help to indicate whether further referral to other appropriate medical practitioner or hospital is required.

  • The time taken for your comprehensive eye examination may vary depending on the type difficulties you are having with your eyes.  As a general guideline we allow 40minutes – 1 hour, which includes the initial testing as well as discussions about treatment options and recommendations.  Review appointments are usually shorter.

  • Your current spectacles (and/or spectacle prescriptions)

    A list of any regular medications, eye drops and any known allergies

  • In order to comprehensively evaluate your eye health, your eye examination may include the instillation of eye drops. Some may cause temporary blurry vision which will affect your ability to drive for up to four hours after the examination.

  • As part of our complete service, the UNSW Optometry Clinic has a wide selection of eyedrops.  We have experts to advise you on the most eyedrops to suit your condition and circumstances.

  • This service is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, when an optometrist will be available during these hours. The clinic remains open all year, except during compulsory university shut-down period during Christmas breaks.

Contact us

For all enquiries and to book an appointment please email:

The Red Eye Clinic

Telephone: +61 2 9385 6859

Looking to give back?

You can volunteer in our studies at UNSW School of Optometry & Vision Science.