Perception is essential for humans to interact effectively with their environment. We can look, hear, touch, taste and smell, and we can also sense our own self-orientation and movements via inertial sensors located within our inner ear. Our laboratory endeavours to understand how our perception of the environment is influenced by complex interactions between neural signals generated by different senses. This multisensory understanding of perceptual systems requires a multidisciplinary approach. This increases our understanding of sensory processes and perception and achieves practical outcomes to solve significant problems of real-world benefit.

Our laboratory is integrated within the Sensory Processes Innovation Network (SPINet), which connects researchers in the Asia Pacific region who have a common interest in sensation and perception. SPINet is a global collaborative network that brings together great local minds in Psychology, Computer Science, Engineering, Vision Science and Medicine. This global research network aims to provide researchers with unprecedented research capabilities to achieve the highest quality outcomes for a positive global impact in multiple disciplines.

External associates

A/Prof Eugene Nalivaiko NUW Collaborator University of Newcastle
A/Prof Kowa Koida  Collaborator Toyohashi University of Technology
Mr Masakazu Ohara Collaborator  Toyohashi University of Technology
A/Prof Stephen Palmisano Collaborator University of Wollongong
Dr Zoey Isherwood Collaborator University of Wollongong
A/Prof Takehiro Nagai Collaborator Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Dr Hiroaki Kiyokawa Collaborator Saitama University, Japan