Our clinics

Portrate of science student holding a pair of glasses

Our UNSW optometry clinics have been established to give research-based, quality eye care to the highest standards, leading to the best visual outcomes for each and every patient. Discover our range of clinics available in the School of Optometry & Vision Science and start your journey with us today.

Advanced Contact Lens Clinic

Advance Contact Lens Clinic provides services to patients requiring complex contact lens care for their eye conditions. Our experienced practitioners will guide you in all aspects of management and visual correction.

Children’s Vision Clinic

Our Children’s Vision Clinic offers comprehensive vision and eye health examinations catered to infants, young children and primary school-aged children. We cater to all your child’s vision needs.

Colour Vision Clinic

We offer colour vision assessments for congenital and acquired colour vision deficiencies as well as assessing the occupational, practical and treatment options for your colour vision.

Contact Lens Clinic

The Contact Lens Clinic provides a complete range of contact lens designs, materials and lens care products. Make an appointment and discover how we can help you with all your contact lens requirements.

Dry Eye Clinic

The Dry Eye Clinic at UNSW offers diagnosis, imaging and evidence-based management of dry eye disease. You’ll be given an individualised treatment option that is most appropriate to your condition.

Low Vision Clinic

We provide services for those people with permanent visual impairment. Our low vision assessments are available at no cost to patients during clinical teaching sessions. Find out more.

Myopia Control Clinic

We offer a specialty service for myopia patients including treatment options. Your assessment will include eye focus and alignment, biometry measurements and ocular imaging.

Ocular Pathology Clinic

The Ocular Pathology Clinic is a referral clinic for patients at risk of certain eye conditions. Referrals are made from other UNSW clinics or from your ophthalmologist.

Primary Care Clinic

From a detailed ocular and medical history to photography of the internal and external eye, the Primary Care Clinic offers free comprehensive eye examinations. Make an enquiry today.

Red Eye Clinic

We provide services for urgent eye care concerns such as conjunctivitis, high pain, irritations, foreign bodies and infections. Book an appointment today.

Satellite Clinics

In addition to the clinics offered at UNSW there are numerous satellite clinics at external locations such as Guide Dogs Australia, Vision Australia, Stewart House, and Bourke Aboriginal Health Service. Find out more.

Vision Education Centre

An excursion to the Vision Education Centre includes a one-hour health and science lesson for primary school children plus a comprehensive eye and vision examination. Contact us for more information on these workshops.

Vision Training Clinic

The clinic provides treatment and management for eye muscle co-ordination imbalances. We prescribe the most ideal programme of exercises to develop coordination for efficient and comfortable viewing.