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At the School of Optometry & Vision Science we believe that everyone should benefit from the very best, research-based vision treatments to improve their quality of life. Our goal is to bring accessibility and excellence in optical healthcare to the whole community. We are committed to our partnerships which include our alumni, sponsors and clinics. Partner with us and help to make a difference in the lives of others through optical health.


You’ll always remain part of the School of Optometry & Vision. We're proud of our alumni and the connections we make through our alumni newsletter, alumni hub and resources. Stay connected by updating your details and keeping us informed of your progress.

Vision Preservation Research Fund

The fund supports research into prevention, detection, management and treatment of diseases that reduce vision. Vision research often shows promising findings but funding for follow up research is lacking. This fund aims to close that gap. Find out how you can help.


The School of Optometry & Vision Science gratefully acknowledges the contributions and support of our sponsors and donors. View a full list.