Student opportunities

Students from our health professional programs learning in UNSW Medicine & Health’s facilities

As an optometry and vision science student, you have the opportunity to benefit from our peer mentoring program. If you’re just beginning your studies with us, you’ll reap the wisdom and experience of our fourth-year students to give you a strong start. And as a fourth-year volunteer, the program is the perfect way to pay back the goodwill while making new connections and building your CV.

Peer Mentoring Program

Would you love the chance to give back? The Peer Mentoring Program is a support network to help first year optometry and vision science students make a smooth transition to university life. You can make a difference by providing social interaction and support for students in the early weeks of starting their degree.

Peer mentoring group registration 2024

Are you a first year optometry and vision science student starting your university journey? Join our peer mentoring groups and get off to a great start. You’ll be guided by experienced fourth year students to help you navigate your first courses and make new friends.