Myopia is occurring more often in developed countries, and it isn’t simply a matter of fixing poor vision with spectacles or contact lenses. Our research studies go beyond this to examine the complex aspect of this eye condition. View our research studies and volunteer.

  • This study might be a good fit if you meet the following criteria:

    • are aged 6-12 years (inclusive)
    • are willing to wear soft contact lenses daily
    • have Myopia (near sightedness)
    • have otherwise normal vision, and good ocular and general health
    • have not previously used any myopia control treatments for more than 1 month or within the last month
    • does not have an eye turn, "lazy" eye, or a history of surgery or other treatments or medications which may affect eye growth or contact lens wear
    • have no plans to move for the duration of the study (1 year)
    • is competent enough in English to be able to fully understand the participant information and consent form or you can consent on their behalf.
  • Are you between 18 - 26 years and are interested in helping Australian research?

    We are looking for volunteers who have myopia (short-sightedness) to attend a standard eye examination

    You will receive re-imbursement for your time (gift vouchers of $50 per visit)