The School of Optometry & Vision Science established the Vision Education Centre in 1990 to offer primary school children a science excursion and health service.

From our first days of life, our visual system is used to take in and process information. If a child doesn’t see clearly or if their eyes don’t work effectively together, their development andperformance in learning and classroom tasks may be affected. The management of visual problems at an early age provides the child with clear efficient vision, helping them to function to the best of their ability.

An excursion to the Vision Education Centre includes a one-hour health and science lesson on eyes and visual science, as well as a tailored comprehensive eye and vision examination.The science activities are led by the Outreach Centre for Sciences at UNSW. Optometry students act as buddies to small groups of 3-4 school children for the hands-on activities.

Refreshments are provided between the activities and the eye examination. An activity book with diagrams, word games and home-based projects is given out to reinforce terms and concepts covered during the visit.

Parents are given questionnaires before the visit to indicate visual or educational concerns. After the visit they’re sent a report of the findings of the eye examination

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