Our strategy

UNSW School of Optometry & Vision Science

UNSWs 2025 strategy sets out the university’s vision to improve lives globally, through innovative research, transformative education and commitment to a just society.

At UNSW, our strategy's core focuses are academic excellence, innovations, and achieving social impacts to improve quality of life for people everywhere. We do this through conducting quality research that drives discoveries, providing an inspiring student experience, and pursuing innovation through partnerships and exchange of knowledge with the broader community. We pursue engagement with decision makers, sustainable development, and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

The School of Optometry & Vision Science's mission is “advancing vision and eye health in society through world-class, innovative, multidisciplinary education and research”, and has informed our strategic plan. Our school is a founding member of the Leaders in Indigenous Optometry Education Network (LIOEN). We're committed to supporting a diverse and engaged student cohort, along with increasing our rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health workforce. We strive to be world leaders in vision science education, innovative and entrepreneurial in research, and strategic engagement and advocacy to promote eye health.

Information & policies

Find detailed information on everything from school office hours and student equipment kits to AHPRA registration and preceptorship programs. You’ll find a full list of policies and procedures including supplementary assessment guidelines and academic integrity.