Associate Professor Juno Kim

Associate Professor Juno Kim

Associate Professor
  • 2005 PhD in Psychology at the University of Sydney
  • 1998 BSc (Honours-I) at the University of Sydney
  • 1997 BSc studies in Computer Science, Psychology and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Sydney
Medicine & Health
School of Optometry and Vision Science

My research is concerned with understanding how we perceive real-world and virtual environments. Our brain infers information about the physical properties of objects in the environment through neural signals it receives from our six senses. I seek to identify specific patterns in sensory information that are critically important for explaining optimal perception and action in real-world scenarios. I have particular strengths in research topics on visual and vestibular neurophysiology, including the development of future technologies in head-mounted display virtual reality (HMD VR) for interactive entertainment and gamification in health.

+61 2 9065 1218
School of Optometry and Vision Science Level 3, Room 3.006 North Wing, Rupert Myers Building

  • 2023 Kim J., Palmisano, S., Iwasaki, S. Enhancing sensory perception and balance control in HMD-based VR. ARC Discovery Project (DP230100303)
  • 2021 Palmisano, S., Kim, J. Unleashing the potential of VR: reducing sickness in head-mounted displays. ARC Discovery Project (DP210101475)
  • 2014 Kim, J. Image constraints on the perception of surfaces and materials. ARC Future Fellowship (FT140100535)
  • 2010 Anderson, B.L., Kim, J., Fleming, R. The perception of surfaces and materials. ARC Discovery Project (DP1097229)

2022 Educational Excellence Award - Faculty of Medicine and Health

  • Explain / predict the experience of cybersickness in HMD VR.
  • Determine the image properties for the perception of surfaces and materials.
  • Understand multi-sensory mechanisms for the perception of self-motion.
  • Explore the role of eye movements and retinal motion in perception of form and motion.
  • Develop psychophysical approaches for artificial intelligence to automatically assess morphological structures seen in ophthalmic images.


Find out more on our research laboratory webpage: Sensory Processes Research Laboratory

I regularly engage with key industry partners, the following being only a few examples:

  • Bandicoot Imaging Sciences Australia
  • Video Games Deluxe
  • Canon Inc
  • NATO (HFM-MSG-346)

My Research Supervision

  • Perception of surface shape and translucency in natural scenes.
  • Perception of shape and materials in virtual environments.
  • The illusory experience of self-motion perception (vection).
  • Improving the perception of corneal nerve morphology in ophthalmology and clinical optometry.
  • Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) for HMD VR.
  • Using HMD VR to understand multisensory integration during standing and walking.

My Teaching

Courses I teach

  • VISN1101 Vision Science Perspectives (Term 1)
  • OPTM3201 Ocular Imaging and Applied Vision Science (Term 1)
  • VISN5512 Sensory Processes and Movement (Term 1)
  • OPTM7218 Research Project (Term 1, 2, 3)

Educational outreach

I also actively engage in educational outreach activities, which you can read about in the public MyEducation portfolio: