The School of Biomedical Sciences

Pioneering Biomedical Research and passionate about Biomedical Teaching.

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Pioneering Biomedical Research

We have expertise that ranges from diabetes, cardiovascular and cancer, infection, hearing loss, genetic diseases and pain as well as a community of fundamental researchers exploring the fabric of life. This short video gives a snapshot of some of these efforts and what drives us as pioneers in biomedical research, hoping to make a difference to human medicine & health.

Passionate about Biomedical Teaching

Our passionate teachers aim to inspire undergraduate and postgraduate students and given them the tools and drive to pursue a diversity of careers, whether it’s in biomedical research, a pathway to industry, science teaching, clinical medicine or as a health professional. If you have an interest in any of our core majors (Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience or Immunology), our academics are ready to inspire you on a life long journey understanding the human body, how it goes wrong in disease and how we can fix it.

A message from our Head of School

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Over $20 Million
Research Income of >$20M each year for 4 years
Top 50
Top 50 universities in the World for Anatomy & Physiology
One of the largest teaching and research schools at UNSW
A partner with health sectors, industry & research institutes

The School of Biomedical Sciences Future Fund

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Study areas

Studying Biomedical Sciences at UNSW will help you discover practical solutions to global health issues. Our interdisciplinary study areas will help you investigate human health, disease and the role technology plays in how our bodies function.


We're internationally recognised for excellence in neuroscience research and anatomy education. We inspire student curiosity in the structure and function of the human body. Discover more.
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Study the biological mechanisms that allow our immune systems to fight infection and disease. Learn how immunology is applied to a range of areas in the biomedical sciences.
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Start unravelling the mysteries of the human brain by studying neuroscience. You'll learn about the biology of the brain and the fundamentals of cognition. Find out more.
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Pathology involves the study of diseases including infections and cancer, at the genetic, molecular, cellular and organ levels. Discover more.
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Pharmacology examines the effects of drugs on biological systems. You'll focus on the discovery, development and testing of drugs. Discover more.
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Study how the various tissues and organs of the body work to support life and body functions during disease and ageing. Discover more.
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Our impact

Our research

Research is at the heart of the school, and we are proud of our long history across the broad sweep of biomedical research disciplines. As a central element of the biomedical research precinct at UNSW, our school features modern laboratory facilities and leading-edge research infrastructure.

Student life

From anatomy and physiology to pathology and pharmacology, the School of Biomedical Sciences has created opportunities for immersive and inclusive student life at UNSW Medicine & Health. View our list of internships, mentoring and peer programs to excel.

Our departments

Following the amalgamation of Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology and Pathology in 2001, the School of Medical Sciences was formed. We have benefited from the rich research and teaching heritage of each of these former schools. Today, we are known as the School of Biomedical Sciences.

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