Postgraduate research

Imaging Ca2+ loading in a mouse cerebellar brain slice using a genetically encoded calcium reporter (GCaMP5g) delivered via an AAV viral vector.

The School of Biomedical Sciences offers a range of Master by Research and Doctoral programs. The School of Biomedical Sciences is one of the largest schools within UNSW Medicine & Health in training postgraduate candidates in medical research. Research laboratories associated with the School of Biomedical Sciences are located on campus, at hospitals and in research centres.

How to apply

All postgraduate coursework students are encouraged to apply directly to the university, through the student portal. It's the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they're enrolled at the start of every term and that their enrolment is correct.


For scholarship information check the Graduate Research School website for detailed information on postgraduate research scholarships, in particular the Research Training Program and University Postgraduate Award scholarships.


The timeline will give you a general idea of the university requirements and other useful information for the length of your candidature here.

How to enrol

It is the HDR candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they are enrolled at the start of every term and that their enrolment is correct.

Progress reviews

It's a requirement of continued enrolment that all research candidates take part in a formal review of progress in each year of their candidature, or more often as decided by the Review Panel.


All HDR candidates must be aware of their responsibilities as well as those of their supervisors when starting their candidature. Please familiarise yourself with the candidature requirements.

For students interested in HDR please register for the Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences Research Information Evening which will take place at the Clancy Auditorium and Foyer (C24) on Thursday 11th July 2024, 4.45pm-8.00pm

The event is also for current honours students who are interested in PhD projects. Students will have the opportunity to meet researchers in person and discuss potential projects.

Students can register now at the Eventbrite Registration Link-students - for students interested in Honours, MSc or PhD at SBMS and SHS.

The event program will be emailed to student registrants on Friday 5th July 2024 COB.


Alternatively you may contact supervisors directly  via the Find a Supervisor or Project. page if you are interested but cannot attend the Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences Research Information Evening.