By partnering with industry, government, and the broader community, the School of Biomedical Sciences delivers life-changing research and transfers discoveries into social and medical impacts.

The CellaSense Drug Discovery Platform

CellaSense is a revolutionary on-demand strategy for therapeutic lead discovery and diversification. Read our showcase case study to find out more.

Bionic array Directed Gene Electrotransfer (BaDGE®)

Bionic array Directed Gene Electrotransfer (BaDGE®) is a novel proprietary technology that enables precision delivery of DNA / RNA therapeutics using an innovative pulsed electric lensing technology.

Rapid and reliable diagnosis for Parkinson’s Disease within reach

Dr Emma Sierecki and her team have developed an assay to detection biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease – alpha-synuclein –in spinal fluid, taking mere hours rather than several days.