Health & safety

Students with laptops in lecture theatre class

UNSW aims to provide a physically safe, healthy and secure learning and working environment for all students. The lecturers are responsible for your safety during dedicated teaching time. In return you are expected to behave with respect toward them and your fellow students; you are expected to follow instructions from lecturers. If you are concerned about your health or safety during a lecture or practical class please tell a lecturer immediately.

We have identified hazards during lecture and practical classes and outlined them in a student risk assessment. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these and the control measures in place to prevent harm to you and others. Your lecturer will remind you of the hazards at the start of each lecture.

Undergraduate students

You must wear a laboratory coat at all times while in the dissecting room and in other laboratories when mentioned in the Student Risk Assessment. Entry without a lab coat is not permitted and students found without a lab coat will be asked to leave. This is not a requirement in computer laboratories.

  • Enclosed footwear must be worn. Sandals and thongs are not permitted.
  • Lab coats and gloves must be removed and hands washed before leaving the lab areas. 
  • Lab coats and gloves must not be worn in the lifts or corridor
  • No food or drink to be consumed in lab areas
  • Unauthorised entry into research laboratories is not permitted.
  • Notify tutor of any damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Notify tutor of any accident you have/witness.
  • In case of emergency follow the direction of tutors and floor wardens.
  • Never use a lift in the event of fire.
  • All swipe card access to the building and rooms within is recorded. All computer network activity is monitored.

Honours/ ILP/ Masters/ Postgraduate students

Students conducting research in the School of Biomedical Sciences should refer to the Staff School of Biomedical Sciences Health & Safety webpages.