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UNSW Medical Sciences Group

The UNSW School of Biomedical Sciences is located in the Wallace Wurth Building (C27) of UNSW’s Kensington campus. Our school office, at room 255 of Level 2, is the central point of contact for all your enquiries relating to administration, research and study.

Current students

Nucleus Student Hub   
Level 2, Library Building UNSW   

Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm   
T: +61 2 9385 2067 

School administration 

UNSW School of Biomedical Sciences
Wallace Wurth Building (C27) Room 255, Level 2
Kensington Campus
UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052

Postal address 

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School of Biomedical Sciences
The University of New South Wales
UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052

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Upper Campus Store 
E26, Bioscience South, LG018 Loading Dock, 
Via Gate 11 Botany Street, Kensington, 2052