To apply for postgraduate research programs at the School of Biomedical Sciences, follow these steps. 

  • You’ll need to check whether you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Masters by Research or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs.

    You can use the HDR Preliminary Self-Assessment to help give an indication of your eligibility for admission and competitiveness for scholarship.

    Information on potential PhD research projects and supervisors at the School of Biomedical Sciences for 2023 is provided in the below:

    School of Biomedical Sciences & School of Health Sciences Research Information Session (2023 intake) took place on Wednesday, 6 July, 2022.

    Please refer to the PDF presentation slides as well as the event document and recording below.

  • You’ll need to find a research area and an appropriate primary supervisor.

    • Investigate the Research Groups within the school.
    • Use the search engine to find a researcher.
    • Use the search engine on UNSW Research to find the sections and supervisors that best align with your area of research. 
    • Establish contact with your potential supervisor. Applicants must have an interview (face-to-face or Skype) with their prospective supervisor before submitting their application.

    In your discussion with your potential supervisor, you should also confirm the correct program you wish to apply for.

    For students interested in HDR please refer to the HDR related projects below:

    Potential Projects for SBMS Honours Neurhonours & HDR (2024 intake).docx

    Please contact supervisors directly if you are interested.

    Please see the recording of the Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences Research Information Evening Main Presentation - Tues 11 July 2023:

    Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences Research Information Evening - Wallace Wurth Building (C27) - Tues 11 July, 4.45pm-7.30pm-20230711_170009-Meeting Recording.mp4

    Please see the PDF slides:

    2023 - Research Info Evening-11.07.23.pdf

  • Before you submit your formal application online, you’ll need to prepare a research proposal. The proposal should be prepared in consultation with the prospective supervisor. The proposal must be sufficiently detailed to enable the school to determine whether it’s possible to provide adequate supervision and resources to support your research.

    Each research proposal should include the following (maximum of two pages):

    • a statement of the research problem and its significance
    • an outline of the method to be used to analyse the problem
    • the names of any academics you have contacted in the school
    • details of previous publications and/or research undertaken in your nominated area of interest.
  • You should also be determining and planning financial support for your degree program.

    Course tuition fees

    Please refer to the Graduate Research School for more information regarding fees and costs.


    Information on scholarships for local and international candidates is available on the Graduate Research School website. Please note that strict application deadlines apply.

    Note: For more information on scholarship eligibility and requirements please refer to the Graduate Research Scholarship page. 

  • You’re now ready to submit your formal application. Please review the application procedures on the Graduate Research School website before submitting your application. All applicants must apply online.

    Please note that the following should be included with your application:

    • academic statements/transcripts and graduation certificates
    • evidence of support from the proposed supervisor (please note the date/time of your interview with the supervisor and whether it was conducted face-to-face or via Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp)
    • a nomination by the proposed primary supervisor of a secondary/co-supervisor or joint supervisor
    • a research project title
    • a research proposal (maximum of two pages)
    • A curriculum vitae 
    • evidence of research done (e.g., copies of publications)
    • evidence of English proficiency (if applicable).

    Late applications may be accepted. Please contact the Graduate Research School for further information.

  • If your application is successful, you’ll receive an offer of admission from the Graduate Research School. Please follow the instructions listed in your offer letter on how to accept your offer and other further actions you may need to complete. More information is available on the Graduate Research School website.