Our people

Medical sciences our people

UNSW School of Biomedical Sciences is comprised of unique and highly skilled teams who create a culture of excellence and innovation in medical sciences education and research. Meet our dedicated teams, including our executive team, administrative staff, academics, and academic affiliates and conjoints. You can also learn about our many disciplines which offer a rich learning culture for students. 

Executive team

Our executive team brings the expertise, clinical experience and research excellence required to drive our school’s ambitious goals, building our capacity to tackle society’s most pressing health and medical sciences challenges.

Administrative team

Our administrative team supports the academic and general administrative efforts of the executive, as well as our research programs and the school.

Our departments

The integration of our core disciplines in the School of Biomedical Sciences means exciting learning opportunities for students. The cross-disciplinary research collaboration of our staff ensures we’re at the forefront of research in biomedical sciences.