We're creating the next generation of health professionals; a community that will transform healthcare as we know it.

Accelerate your career and graduate with both a bachelors and a masters degree in dietetics and food innovation, physiotherapy, pharmacy or exercise physiology. Our programs reflect real-world practice to ensure you gain a dynamic education that's responsive to industry and community needs. We’ll equip you with the knowledge, skills and experience you need to navigate the healthcare industry of today and tomorrow.

As one of the world’s top medical schools*, UNSW Medicine & Health is committed to creating the health leaders of tomorrow. Our new programs are reimagining health education, with a focus on interdisciplinary learning, inclusivity and innovation. We've incorporated learning from the business, law and science domains to provide you with a broad education that unlocks a world of career possibilities. You'll engage with industry professionals throughout your degree, giving you the opportunity to build your professional network. Whether you're looking to join the frontline as a clinician, drive progress as an advisor or push the boundaries of knowledge as a researcher, our health degrees will help you pursue a career with impact. 

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Build your confidence

Your hands-on training starts in year one, giving you time to grow as a health professional. We offer extensive clinical placements and experiential learning opportunities across a wide range of settings.

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Prepare for practice

Our new programs include an embedded professional practice stream that will prepare you to work in integrated healthcare teams. You’ll learn alongside students from our other health programs as you develop your professional skills.

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Shape a better future

Drive the change you want to see with a degree grounded in advocacy, equity and social justice. You’ll learn how to be professional, ethical and understanding of the needs of diverse populations.

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Study Australia’s first combined degree in exercise science, physiotherapy and exercise physiology. With expertise across three complementary disciplines, you’ll be able to provide a broad range of services for both healthy and chronic disease populations. You’ll have a unique set of professional skills to help people recover from injury and illness and maintain long-term health and wellbeing.

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Study Australia’s first combined degree in nutrition, dietetics and food innovation. This program explores how food and nutrition is used to optimise health, treat illnesses and prevent chronic diseases. You’ll examine all aspects of the food value chain from agriculture, food technology, food manufacturing and the retail sector, through to innovations and digital technologies. This unique combination of complementary disciplines expands your career options as you'll be able to work both within and outside of the healthcare sector.

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Reimagine the role of a pharmacist in healthcare and beyond. As treatments for many conditions are becoming more complex, the role of a pharmacist is no longer limited to dispensing, compounding and supplying medicines. This degree will give you the skills and confidence to pursue a wide range of future careers in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, healthcare governance, research and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Join the forefront of two growing disciplines with a degree that reflects real-world practice. This program explores how exercise can be used as a rehabilitative and preventative therapy, and improve physical performance. Exercise is used to manage a wide range of health conditions and prevent the onset of many chronic diseases. This degree will prepare you to work with healthy and chronic disease populations across a range of settings including hospitals, private practices, aged care, mental health clinics and workplace health and rehabilitation.

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*Ranked 54th globally according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024