The team strives to improve quality and reduce downtime by harnessing machine learning to develop novel techniques to monitor weld quality and improve vehicle safety.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Lab was established for the development and use of innovative technologies for the fabrication of products, covering teaching, research and consulting in various manufacturing processes. This includes advanced laser and laser-hybrid processing of materials, high-pressure water jet and air jet processing of materials, mechanical machining, additive manufacturing, and friction and wear.

Associate Professor Doolan completed his PhD in process control at Ford Australia’s former stamping operations facility. He has worked for the Mount Stromlo Observatory on the world’s largest telescopes – the Gemini telescopes, and as an academic in the School of Engineering at the Australian National University. He has led many manufacturing and industry research projects including:

  • process and dimensional control with Ford Australia
  • supply chain management with Toll Auto Logistics and Futuris
  • recycling with the AutoCRC and the ARC Training Centre of Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS)

Associate Professor Doolan also led the highly acclaimed industry technology road mapping projects, Automotive Australia 2020 and On Track to 2040. He has also been involved in a range of different commercial activities across a number of Canberra start-ups and businesses.

With the ongoing advancement in manufacturing techniques, the team at UNSW Canberra City will continue to increase efficiency and improve the sustainability of manufacturing processes. In anticipation of construction commencing, the team at UNSW Canberra has commenced operations from the new UNSW Canberra City location, which is currently located at CIT Reid, fostering valuable connections with Defence, industry and academia.