Professor Mike Brennan has been named the new Director of the UNSW Institute for Cyber Security (IFCYBER).

With expertise in governance and risk analysis of complex-adaptive systems in defence and national security, Professor Brennan is passionate about tackling the large-scale problems that exist across all sectors of cyber security.

Drawing from previous roles as an academic, public servant and consultant, Professor Brennan offers a rich background that aims to address cyber security with a refreshed and flexible outlook.

“There is a decent serve of ego required to believe that you can comprehend the dependencies in these complex systems,” he said.

“Cyber security is about understanding, prioritising and addressing risks to the protection of information systems, the data on them, and the services they provide. Generally, but importantly, the data gathering starts with understanding the central role of people, policy and products and services in the system.”

Professor Brennan looks forward to guiding IFCYBER to adapt to the growing demands of cyber security across various sectors, including defence, national security, finance, health and more.

“I want to address what is understood to be a national gap in teaching, research, innovation and professional expertise in cyber security. I will not be the last Director of IFCYBER to face these challenges, but I do plan to chart the path,” Professor Brennan said.

However, he will not be achieving this alone. With more than 130 staff across UNSW faculties delivering critical cyber security courses and research, the Institute draws on its vibrant cross and multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving.

Further information on current cyber security projects can be found on the IFCYBER website.