UNSW Canberra’s recently released podcast The Next Mission prepares listeners not only for military to civilian transition, but unexpected transitions that may be experienced throughout a lifetime.

Hosted by UNSW Canberra’s External Engagement Coordinator Georgia Hamon, The Next Mission welcomes guests from all walks of life who share their personal stories, research, and insight into their experience with military to civilian career transition.  

“It’s important for us to show the raw and real side to transition. To share stories from each end of the spectrum, from those who had a transition plan and fell perfectly into it, to those whose journeys were more difficult,” Georgia said.

While career transition can look different for every individual, The Next Mission offers a range of guests and advice for listeners to connect with. The podcast warmly welcomes local Canberrans including Michaela Gilewicz, Alison Creagh and James McMahon, with more podcast guests to come.

Each guest shares their personal experiences, providing candid encouragement and digestible advice, while offering a supportive network to those have, currently, or are thinking of transitioning out the military.

While military to civilian transition is the main topic of discussion, the advice touches on all types of career transition that anyone may face.

“The podcast series has proven to be so much more than military to civilian transition, specifically. It really speaks to transition in all forms, not just career ones, and provides advice and guidance on how to navigate those transitions,” Georgia said.

Every person in the workforce will eventually experience transition in some way. This may come in the form of changes in roles, industry, or even personal life circumstances.

Royal Australian Navy veteran and UNSW Canberra Deputy Head of School Education (Programs) Matthew McCormack said in the first episode that “you need a suitcase full of 'transitions', things you need to pack throughout your career."

Regardless of where an individual may be in their career, it is never too early to prepare for the inevitable, or even the unexpected.

“Transition can be a scary road, but it can be made easier with planning and preparation. There are communities of people out there who can assist and support you—it doesn’t need to be done on your own,” Georgia said.

Listen to The Next Mission on Soundcloud and explore more of UNSW Canberra’s podcasts including UNSW Defence Research, Navigating Uncertainty, and Australian Naval History.