UNSW Canberra’s Bettina Stelzer was the first student to graduate with a Master of Workforce Planning at today’s Business, Humanities and Social Sciences Graduation Ceremony. 

Introduced at the start of the year, the School of Business Master of Workforce Planning degree aims to foster global business leaders, cultivating strategic development and capability within workforces.  

As the only master’s level degree in workforce planning in Australia, Bettina took the unique opportunity to specialise her skills and knowledge within this growing field.  

“The demand for strategic workforce planning, modelling, and analysis capability to inform HR decision making is growing. What I learnt throughout my degree is directly related to future HR decision making within Defence,” Bettina said.  

As the first and only graduate from UNSW Canberra with a Master of Workforce Planning this year, Bettina is looking forward to putting her knowledge to immediate use in her next posting to the Army’s Defence Strategic Workforce Planning team. By undertaking a degree that enabled her to deeply understand workforce capability, Bettina is confident in her ability to tackle the future of workforces.  

Although Bettina found herself a solo student in some of her classes, she said that “the calibre of individuals studying at the university was incredible.” 

“I met some incredible individuals during my study, both students and teachers,” Bettina said. 

“Some of the collaborative sessions and discussions were so interesting and enlightening to learn about all facets of Defence, capability issues and solutions. These discussions allowed so much learning and further, wider understanding to take place.” 

Bettina’s strong network of support does not cease as she graduates from UNSW Canberra, as she focuses on the benefit of the wider UNSW alumni community.  

“Being a part of any alumni is a privilege,” she said.  

“Being a part of the UNSW alumni community is something that is significant as there are many challenges faced throughout your time together. It creates a special connection with those you shared these challenging times with.” 

Congratulations to Bettina for being the first graduate from the Master of Workforce Planning degree. We wish Bettina and her fellow graduates the very best with their next steps!