Giulia Brotzu Chessa is proud to look back at the significant milestones she has achieved throughout her journey at UNSW Canberra.  

Completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Oceanography and Mathematics, during a pandemic was no easy feat for Giulia. However, she rose to the challenge and adapted to the unpredictable changes and different learning environments throughout her degree.  

Heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first two years of her degree was a challenge for Giulia.

“It was difficult juggling university courses which, in the back half of my degree, were all self-paced or self-guided learning with military commitments and maintaining a personal life,” Giulia said.   

Despite this challenge, Giulia fondly remembers the milestones she achieved during her time at UNSW Canberra. One major contribution Giulia is proud of is her published item on La Niña and its impact in Australia. With a passion for meteorology, Giulia was able to focus her studies and knowledge into a prevailing national topic. Beyond her technical knowledge, Giulia appreciates the network she has grown during her time at UNSW Canberra.  

“I have met and interacted with many new people and made a multitude of network connections which will aid me as I move through my career.”  

Overall, Giulia’s experience at UNSW Canberra has been rewarding and full of highlights and achievements. If you're currently studying at UNSW Canberra and worried you can't do it all, then take Giulia's advice: “Work hard and enjoy yourself. University is an extremely rewarding experience which can open many doors both for your career and in the network connections you make.”  

As Giulia graduates this month, she takes one step closer to her dream career. Striving to specialise as a navy meteorologist-oceanographer (METOC), Giulia is looking forward to completing a Marine Warfare Officer course at HMAS Watson in Sydney. 

Congratulations to Giulia and her fellow graduates!