Davina Mansfield is the Chief Operating Officer of Viden, a UNSW Canberra Launch on Northbourne Collaborator. Having faced multiple challenges in her career in the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps, and now a Defence spouse and veteran, Davina considers herself a “MacGyver” across multiple industries (cyber security and defence to name a few) with a can-do attitude. As a Soldier On Australia Ambassador, Davina is passionate about veteran employment and mentoring – a role she is proud to be a part of.  

How do you – or would you – overcome challenges in sectors that are traditionally perceived as male oriented?  

I would rephrase to; how to thrive in your chosen sector! I don’t look at gender or industry – I love Defence Industry – I am passionate about the work we are doing and I care immensely for the Veterans, family members whom we employ or mentor. Skills and ability are the core components – keep showing up! 

Resilience, competitiveness, willingness to try and try again, positivity, class, motivation and the ability to build relationships.  

Motivation: you can’t purchase it or steal it. You just have it.  

I like to believe that motivated people who want an outcome keep showing up and are continually learning (personally and professionally). It takes time to prove yourself; it doesn’t just happen overnight.  

How do you maintain resilience in the workplace?  

Look after yourself! No one else has it as their priority – it must be yours. 

Body – Exercise or move, and fuel it correctly. 

Head – Understand how you act and react to stress. Get to know yourself so you can implement tools to assist with your ability to prioritise. 

Heart – Authenticity and heart. Be unapologetically you, but also know your own boundaries. This will keep you safe and your heart will always guide you. 

Each organisation I have worked in I have always found “my tribe”. Some are mentors, peers, colleagues, or bosses. Learn from others’ leadership styles – the good and the bad. 

What advice would you give to your younger self (or other young women) about leadership? 

Be good at your job and be a good person. Build relationships and have cheerleaders who are on your team.  

Absolutely nobody has it worked out when you are starting out – be authentically you and have integrity (especially when no one is watching!).  

Education and skills are critical – keep learning. Micro-credentials, courses, conferences, mentors, these all are invaluable, and the world is always moving. You must keep yourself relevant and a finger on the pulse.  

Dream big, work hard, and stay motivated. No one will hand it to you. Dreams are real and you must work for them. 

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