The ten biggest data breaches in Australia over the past 16 months compromised the personal details of more than 147 million people and the reputations of the organisations tasked with keeping that data secure. With these very public and very costly breaches, data privacy is emerging as a very big issue for individuals and organisations alike. 

Data privacy concerns have been heightened with the widespread use of new and fast-evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence. Today, AI is doing things most of us would never have thought possible 20 years ago. But while its development is rocketing ahead, privacy safeguards are lagging behind. 

Many organisations are rushing to adopt AI-based technology, but big companies have already been stung by - and in some cases even banned the use of - AI platforms because of well-publicised leaks of confidential company information.

How can consumers and citizens safeguard their right to privacy and prevent it from being compromised? And how can businesses make sure they are ahead of the curve when it comes to complying with AI privacy standards? 

In this episode of the Business of Leadership podcast, host Lamont Tang, Director of Industry Projects and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at AGSM @ UNSW Business School, is joined by Peter Leonard, UNSW Business School Professor of Practice and Principal and Director at Data Synergies, and Professor Mary-Anne Williams, Michael J Crouch Chair for Innovation; Founder, and Director of the UNSW Business AI Lab and Deputy Director of the UNSW AI Institute. 


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