Fundamental Quantum Technologies Laboratory

Expertly advancing the field of quantum computing.

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The Fundamental Quantum Technologies Lab is a research facility that specialises in investigating the behavior of 'spin' in silicon materials, with a primary focus on advancing the field of quantum computing.
We aim to harness the properties of quantum mechanics, particularly the behavior of particles' spin, to build more powerful and efficient quantum computers. Find out more about the lab, our research, and research opportunities below.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Collaborations with institutions worldwide, fostering innovation.
Innovation hub
Translating research into tangible quantum technologies.
Global impact
Contributing to the future of quantum computing.


Our research

The Fundamental Quantum Technology Lab hosts a variety of research around spin systems in silicon with a strong focus towards quantum computing. Explore our research now.

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Discover your passion for quantum computing with Andrea Morello, Professor of Quantum Nanosystems at the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.

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Explore Research Associates and Senior Research Associates opportunities.