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Delve into the exciting world of Quantum Engineering.

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Our courses provide a modern, accessible, engineering-oriented introduction to Quantum Engineering.
Quantum Engineering opens the door for you to be delivering brand new solutions in areas like healthcare, natural resources and defence. You'll learn how to work with a range of quantum systems, from high-frequency signals to very small electronic circuits.
Explore our courses below taught by Andrea Morello, the Professor of Quantum Nanosystems at the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. 


Electromagnetic Engineering

Review of vector calculus, Electric Fields: Coulomb's and Gauss's laws and Maxwell's equations.. 

Fundamentals of Quantum Engineering

The progress of nanotechnology allows the fabrication of devices whose physical dimensions are approaching the atomic scale.

Quantum Devices and Computers

Quantum Engineering is concerned with the design and production of devices that exploit the laws of Quantum Mechanics..