Exam levels and test structures

The HSK exam is to measure the ability of non-native Chinese speakers to communicate in Chinese in daily lives as well as academic and working settings, it is composed of nine levels of difficulty from level 1 to level 9. Currently we offer level 1 to level 6.

The HSKK is to evaluate the candidates’ Chinese speaking skills, it is comprised of three levels of Primary, Intermediate and Advanced level.

The YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is to evaluate young candidates whose age is less than 15 years old to apply Chinese language in their studies and daily lives. It consists of four levels of written tests from Level 1 to Level 4, and two levels of speaking tests which are YCT Speaking Test Primary Level and YCT Speaking Test Intermediate Level.

The BCT (Business Chinese Test) is to evaluate Chinese skills in business, it consists of BCT (A) BCT (B) and BCT (Oral).

Please visit this page to check the duration of HSK, HSKK, YCT and BCT Exams.

Want to make a payment?

  • Exam Price
    YCT L1/ YCT L2/ YCT L3 $20
    YCT L4 $30
    HSK L1 / HSK L2 / HSKK Beginner $35

    HSK L3 / HSK L4 / HSKK Intermediate

    HSK L5 / HSK L6/ HSKK   Advanced $75
  • Date

    Registration close date Score announcement
    Saturday, 16 September 2023 20 August, 2023 23 October 2023
    Sunday, 15 October 2023

    18 September, 2023

    15 November 2023
    Saturday, 18 November 2023 22 October 2023 18 December 2023
    Sunday, 3 December 2023 6 November 2023 3 January 2024

    (Please contact us personally if you want to take the YCT Oral and BCT exams.)

    Test report: You can check the exam results online in around 30 days when finished exam, you can pick up your test report from 8 weeks after the day of your exam.