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In this podcast from UNSW Business School — a diverse group of business leaders from the corporate, start-up, government, and for-purpose sectors share their lived experiences in building businesses that can ‘do well’ and ‘do good’.

The Business Of podcast

As the pace and complexity of organisational change speeds up, a new generation of leaders is emerging who see the world differently. What can we learn from them?

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Profit and purpose – balancing imperatives with long-term sustaianability

The Business Of Profit & Purpose - Learn how business leaders find opportunities to set up and run a successful social enterprise – and how they find the balance to ‘do well’ and ‘do good’.

Future skills – the know-how you need for the next era of business

The Business Of Future Skills - Learn which skills will be in high demand in the next era of business, and how to build those skills in your organisation.  

Responsible AI – how your business can steer, not fear, new tech

The Business Of Responsible AI - Learn how leading artificial intelligence experts and business leaders balance the risks and rewards of disruptive technologies.

Back to basics – finance 101 for small to medium enterprises

The Business Of SME Finance - Breaking down the basics of SME finance from market flows to cost of capital with UNSW Business School academic, Associate Professor Kristle Romero Cortés. 

Super power – the Australian super fund making retirement more equitable

The Business Of Superannuation - Aware Super’s Chief of Staff, Katrina McPhee, describes how the superannuation industry has changed for the better since she first joined, and outlines how Aware is combatting the gender retirement gap by leveraging its position as one of Australia’s most powerful financial forces.

Slow success – what this fintech startup can teach you about building trust

The Business Of Investing - Pearler Investments co-founder Hayden Smith explains why startups in the finance industry need to work on a different timeline to most companies, and shares how his team build trust with their customers.  

Prioritising purpose – a company's success without traditional marketing

The Business Of Marketing Optimism - Calling their marketing ‘unconventional’ might be putting it lightly because until recently, Humanitix hadn’t really done any marketing at all. Or at least not on their own.

Beyond logos - why better branding means better business

The Business Of Marketing Brands – Advertising expert and ad agency owner, Dee Madigan explains the role sponsorships play in creating and solidifying a strong brand.

Ethical Marketing – is AI becoming a moral minefield for marketers?

The Business Of Marketing Ethics – Link Group CMO Wendy Mak digs into the ethical side of digital marketing, explaining why marketers need to be at the forefront of the conversation, and exploring how brand-new AI tools might not be as helpful as they first seem.  

The progress principle - climate resilience and the jobs of the future

The Business Of Climate Resilience  – Penny Joseph is the Head of Climate Resilience at major Australian electricity provider Ausgrid, but when she began her career, this type of role didn’t exist. 

Risky business - adapting to climate change could ‘insure’ a better future

The Business Of Climate Risk – As our climate and weather patterns continue to change at pace, the unexpected is really all we can expect now. How do businesses like insurers plan for risk and implement resilience strategies in the face of uncertainty?  

Policy in the slow lane - can we speed up change and drive down emissions?

The Business Of Climate Policy — Before we change behaviour, we need to change policy. How can we accelerate the shift to greener, cleaner vehicles, and move away from our reliance on fossil fuels?

Ethical AI – or ethical humans?

The Business Of AI — AI and machine learning are already reshaping the way we live and work. How can leaders use it ethically?

How can AI help healthcare?

The Business Of AI — At a time where healthcare workers are stretched to near breaking point, what role does AI have in augmenting natural skills and capabilities?

Privacy and Responsible AI

The Business Of AI — How can consumers and citizens safeguard their right to privacy when using AI, and how can businesses stay ahead of the AI privacy compliance curve?

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How ethical is your supply chain?

The Business Of Supply — Why are some organisations still struggling to embed ethical and sustainable business practices in their supply chains?

Disrupting the food chain

The Business Of Supply — Between recent geopolitical conflict, and devastating disruptions to supply lines, what is the current state of food today?

Burning Up: What will we do when the energy runs out?

The Business Of Supply — Today, energy markets are in a state of intense flux. How can leaders inside and outside the energy sector best keep up, and plan for the secure future of their industry?

The work of making hybrid work, work

The Business Of Work — Is working from home working for businesses?

How to build a culture that attracts and retains talented staff

The Business Of Work — What happens to a corporation's culture when the workforce is dispersed?

The future’s got (tech) talent

The Business Of Work — What will the future of work look like in a world increasingly dominated by technology?

Meet the CEO: Shemara Wikramanayake

Shemara Wikramanayake, Managing Director and CEO of Macquarie Group, joins UNSW Chancellor David Gonski, AC

The Business of Art
In this episode, we investigate how online purchases and technology like NFTs is growing and opening the art market to a new generation of enthusiasts.
The Business of Sport
Australia has a reputation as a sporting nation but how does that global success play out locally? In this episode, we investigate the opportunities and challenges for sports to succeed on and off the field in Australia, where professional teams face a battle for the hearts and minds - of fans.
The Business of Mental Health
This episode unpacks how COVID-19 has digitised mental health support services.
The Business of Finance
In the finance industry, rapid advances in technology and a shift towards more responsible business practices are driving waves of change.
The Business of Climate Change
This episode explores how climate change is impacting business, industry and global markets, and what we all can do to address it.
The Business of AI
This episode unpacks how businesses and governments can better understand and implement AI.
The Business of Tourism
This episode explores the rise of Indigenous tourism experiences and the opportunity they bring to Australia’s tourism industry.
The Business of Food
This episode investigates how the food industry is responding to the sustainable food movement.

Ethical Leadership

This episode explores the intricacies of ethical leadership and the challenges and opportunities leaders face combining profit with purpose.

Resilient Leadership

This episode examines the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the valuable lessons it provides business leaders on how to build and nurture a culture of resilience and innovation within their organisations.

Sustainable Leadership

This episode examines sustainable business models and a prevalent issue in global supply chains — modern slavery.

Adaptive Leadership (Part 1)

This episode examines adaptive leadership through the lens of crisis recovery and the challenges business leaders now face because of COVID-19.

Inclusive Leadership (Part 1)

This episode examines inclusive leadership and diversity from the perspective of leaders who are creating new business models that reflect evolving market demand and opportunity and contribute to a more progressive society.

Inclusive Leadership (Part 2)

This episode of AGSM’s The Business Of podcast examines inclusive leadership and how access to a diverse range of perspectives is critical for leaders to thrive in an accelerated world.

Adaptive Leadership (Part 2)

In this episode, we explore transformation and how leaders can leverage complex change with a growth mindset.

Transformational Leadership (Part 1)

In this episode, we explore how leaders can drive innovation and digital transformation in the now of work.

Transformational Leadership (Part 2)

In this episode, we discuss big data and artificial intelligence, and how they impact leadership in an accelerated world.

Adaptive Leadership (Part 3)

In this episode, we speak to leaders from the financial services sector and explore how they’ve adapted and led through successive crises.

Purpose-led Leadership (Part 1)

In this episode, we explore the business and societal impact of leading with purpose.

Purpose-led Leadership (Part 2)

In this episode, we explore what it takes to lead with purpose - from identifying what personal contribution you want to make to the world through your career, to purpose-driven business models.