Reno Leon

Senior Manager, Go-to-Market (Financial Services) MYOB | AGSM MBA 2022, AGSM Leadership Excellence Scholarship - LGBTI Excellence Award

Reno Leon BUS Alumni
"My journey to an AGSM MBA began in a South Indian hill town with the realisation I had to push myself to academic excellence - because there was no other way out of a small town."

Driven to help SMEs do better

Reno's story epitomises the transformative power of education – and AGSM's commitment to equipping business leaders to make an impact in their field.

Reno's determination earned him a scholarship to the National University of Singapore at 19 – his first trip abroad. He went on to study at Singapore MIT Alliance completing a postgraduate degree in chemical engineering.

Reno's quest for excellence and his desire to bridge the gap between technology and business ultimately brought him to the AGSM MBA program.

I could see the potential of leveraging technology to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Australia and New Zealand”.

Meshing business and technology via AGSM

After completing his postgraduate degree in chemical engineering and working as a research engineer and product manager in the digital health tech industry, Reno found himself drawn to the intersection of technology and business – especially small to medium sized businesses.

My father is a small business owner back home in India, so I’ve seen the struggles of running one. I’m glad to be supporting SMEs in my role at MYOB”.

New skills for a new direction

Reno knew he needed new skills to transition from a purely technical career to a tech-plus-commercial role. He assessed a range of business schools before settling on AGSM @ UNSW Business School.

After speaking to several alumni, AGSM was an easy choice for me. I also listened to AGSM’s ‘Business Of’ podcast for about eight months before my interview”

Reno’s AGSM MBA was the bridge he needed. It freed him to switch successfully, equipped with the tools and frameworks he needed to break down complex problems and develop bottom-up solutions.

The program gave me a broader perspective on the business landscape, including areas like strategy, finance, and commercial concepts”.
Reno Leon, Senior Manager, Go-to-Market (Financial Services) MYOB | AGSM MBA 2022 AGSM @ UNSW Business School

Stepping from an MBA to MYOB

Reno now leads cross functional teamsfocused on financial services as a senior manager for Go-to-Market at MYOB. He passionately supports SMEs, enabling them to thrive in a tech-driven world, emphasizing the importance of these businesses in the overall economic ecosystem.

Reno points to 2023 ABS figures revealing that 99.5% of Australian businesses are small (0-19 employees) to medium-sized (20 – 199 employees). Together, they account for 54% of our annual GDP.

“These mom-and-pop shops, services, hospitality, trade, and manufacturing, businesses are the backbone of the economy. Enabling them at a grassroots level advances Australia. And I’m proud to be part of that.”

Championing personal and professional empowerment

My AGSM MBA made me more confident in problem-solving real-world challenges, both professionally and personally.”

Reno's commitment to social justice is evident in his personal and professional life. He received an AGSM Excellence in Leadership scholarship for LGBTI leaders that enables exceptional students from diverse backgrounds to gain a world-class AGSM MBA.  

Reno firmly believes in advocating for change through open and transparent communication. His commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond his personal identity, and he actively promotes these principles in his workplace.

I can’t overstate the value of sharing personal stories and experiences to create a sense of common purpose and spark transformation”.
AGSM @ UNSW Business School

Transforming careers and lives at AGSM

Reno 100% recommends the AGSM MBA to anyone considering an MBA. He highlights the global exposure, curated cohort, collaboration with industry partners, and AGSM’s depth of academic resources – both online and in classes.

He points to the transformative experience AGSM offers, allowing students to redefine their careers, adapt to new environments, and position themselves as thought leaders in their chosen fields. He also encourages prospective students to explore scholarship opportunities and craft a compelling case for receiving financial aid.

AGSM's reputation as the highest-ranking business school in Australia, its stellar faculty, and its extensive alumni network set it apart”.
AGSM @ UNSW Business School

Networking based on shared values

Reno also highlights the value of the AGSM alumni network, which has been a career accelerator, providing access to a diverse community of successful professionals.

"AGSM’s alumni network is not just a resource but a supportive community ready to help in pivotal moments in our professional lives."

He attributes this accessibility to the trust and credibility associated with the AGSM brand. The program's emphasis on responsible leadership and sustainability, woven throughout all disciplines, further distinguishes AGSM as a forward-thinking institution.

“The AGSM stamp signifies excellence and competitive spirit. It has opened doors and enhanced my ability to make a meaningful impact in the world of business.”
AGSM @ UNSW Business School

Growing above and beyond business

Reno says his AGSM MBA experience has had a profound impact on both his professional and personal growth. The program broadened his perspective on business, enabling him to think strategically, embrace financial concepts, and contribute to sustainability goals.

His MBA empowered him to lead cross-functional teams, tackle complex challenges, and promote diversity and sustainability in the workplace. Personally, the MBA boosted his confidence, self-awareness, and ability to handle challenges.

You can’t be rigid in a malleable and volatile environment, so you have to ebb and flow – and keep learning!”

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