Foundations of Adaptive Leadership

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The Foundations of Adaptive Leadership is an online self-paced program that provides participants with an introduction to the key concepts of adaptive leadership through self-paced modules.

Written and video resources and the opportunity to work through your own adaptive challenge through a Masterclass presented by Farayi Chipungu an adaptive leadership expert from Harvard University and Professor Catherine Althaus, UNSW Director of the Academy of Adaptive Leadership. This course will stimulate your curiosity to learn and adapt to make impactful progress on complex issues that demand a different type of leadership practice.

Key learning outcomes: 

You will learn the fundamental concepts of adaptive leadership including:

  • What is Adaptive Leadership?
  • Diagnosing Adaptive Challenges
  • Levers, not Leaders
  • Celebrating Difference and Divergence
  • Purpose and Provocation
  • Understanding the difference between adaptive challenges and technical challenges
  • Identification and diagnosis of adaptive challenges by seeing the bigger picture
  • Understanding of how to mobilise diverse ideas and people by creating the right environment
  • Celebrating difference and divergence by helping others navigate change whilst being the change yourself
  • Learning to lead differently by generating multiple experiments that might lead to making progress

Course Details:

Duration: Self-paced

Location: Online Learning

Cost: $299 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 1 CEMD Point