Governance for Social Impact

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Examine the social impact ecosystem and how to lead effective board governance for NFPs.

As a not-for-profit board member, your role is a critical one. Alongside overseeing organisational sustainability, you must also play a role in optimising its social impact. Designed by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) and delivered by not-for-profit sector experts, this course draws on a deep evidence base to help you lift your gaze to better understand your role and responsibilities in achieving lasting social change.


Key Learning Outcomes:

Working with a cohort of like-minded NFP board members, you will discuss the governance issues facing not-for-profit and charity organisations today and learn how you can drive the organisation's performance and impact while ensuring the beneficiary remains at the centre of your work.

With a focus on the challenges and opportunities of governing in a complex social ecosystem, this course will develop sophisticated strategies and tools to:

  • Govern with a mission-first agenda while avoiding mission 'drift'
  • Apply the principles of systems thinking to identify and prioritise the ecosystem’s key actors, emerging trends, and levers for change in solving for beneficiary outcomes
  • Navigate and respond to complexity
  • Evaluate and use contemporary social finance and mission-aligned business models
  • Assess readiness for scale
  • Measure social impact at a board level
  • Managing crises and their unintended consequences
  • Understand and apply beneficiary-centric leadership

Course Details:

Duration: 2 days

Location: Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD. 

Cost:  $3,850.00 (inc. GST)

Not for Profit (NFP) Pricing Structure:

$3,080 incl GST (-20% discount) for organisations larger than $3m

$2,310 incl GST (-40% discount) for organisations smaller than $3m

CEMD Allocations: 2 CEMD Points

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