About us

Economics is an exciting field of study, forever changing and adapting to the modern world while retaining scientific objectivity.

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At UNSW School of Economics, you’ll learn to analyse the behaviour and strategic interactions of individuals and firms, causes and effects of unemployment and inflation, determine how to improve efficiency and living standards and much more. 

Why study economics? 

Economics is a diverse discipline, which analyses decision making by individuals, organisations, governments and global organisations. We don’t just deal with numbers; we apply them to the world to understand people’s behaviours and encourage better decision making.  

Economists help solve society’s challenges. These include economic growth and development, industrial organisation and strategic behaviour, public policy design and implementation, and the means to improve overall efficiency and living standards.

Our people

Our academics include world leaders in their areas of research, and we strive to attract the very brightest students, both domestically and internationally. We have some of the best award-winning teachers in Australia in Economics.

Quality research 

We have a strong international reputation as one of the top Australian research schools in economics. Our members play an active role in senior advisory roles to government and industry, and we also attract considerable funding from the Australian Research Council and other bodies.


The School of Economics has several initiatives which help ensure our educational resources and opportunities are current, dynamic and tailored to students and teachers. Current initiatives include the Smart Tech and Education Program (STEP UP) and the Consortium for Inclusive Economics Education.

Welcome from the Head of School

Economics is an exciting field of study, forever changing and adapting to the modern world while retaining scientific objectivity. With over 40 academics, the School is a leader in research and teaching in most areas of economics.  

UNSW School of Economics received the top rating of 5, i.e. "well above world standard," under the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rating. We are one of the three Economics discipline in Australia to receive a 5 in all three main categories: Economic Theory, Applied Economics and Econometrics. 

Research in the School is of a high calibre by both national and international standards. Members of the School play an important part in policy issues and debate within Australia. We run two postgraduate research programs, leading into a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. 

The School also attracts considerable research funding from the Australian Research Council and other bodies. There is an active seminar series with external speakers and several very busy internal seminar series at the School. We frequently run important national conferences in Economics, Econometrics and Economic History. We maintain strong connections with top-tier institutions world-wide and welcome many internationally renowned visitors every year. Many members within the School play a prominent role in relevant economic societies and act in senior advisory roles to government and business. 

The high quality of our teachers and the excellence of our students are recognised sources of strength and pride. With our dedication to teaching, we aim to shape the next generation of leaders. The School has been consistently ranked first amongst the major Australian Universities in the quality of its teaching in Economics.

We undertake the majority of teaching in the Bachelor of Economics (BEc). Students can also major in Economics within the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BPPE) and other degrees, or can undertake combined BEc degree with a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, Arts, Law, or Science. In addition, we offer honours degrees in Economics and Commerce, a Master of Economics (MEc) postgraduate degree and specialisations in the Master of Commerce (MCom) postgraduate degree. 

The School of Economics offers a vibrant and dynamic academic community engaged in leading-edge research and outstanding teaching as well as constructive community and professional engagement. 

Professor Jose Carlos Gonzalez Pimienta
Head of the School of Economics