Economics groups

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Our thriving research community meets regularly across a range of informal groups in specialist areas. Connect with peers from your research area, receive feedback on your work in progress, discuss major publications or share ideas through lively conversation. 

  • Join these presenter-led discussions for UNSW economics staff to share research across empirical micro fields including theory, econometrics, macros and individual-level data.

  • Share works in progress with fellow students and faculty under the wide banner of economic theory, including pure theory and applied theory. Contact Juan Carlos Carbajal.

  • Join participants from UNSW, University of Sydney, Macquarie University and the Reserve Bank of Australia to facilitate constructive feedback and new ideas for research in the field of dynamic macroeconomics. Contact Scott French.

  • Connect with UNSW economics staff and students to promote, share and discuss research across theoretical and empirical international economics during monthly workshops.  

  • Meet researchers from the local experimental economics community across UNSW, University of Sydney and UTS to share feedback and discussion through this informal seminar series. Contact Gigi Foster.