Editorial roles

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Several members in the School of Economics at UNSW have editorial positions at academic journals. Besides the important service to the discipline, these appointments recognise the expertise and leadership of our academics within their respective fields.

Richard Holden Journal of Law and Economics
Andreas Ortmann Experimental Economics
Associate Editor
Gautam Bose

Journal of Law and Economics

Indian Growth and Development Review

Juan Carlos Carbajal International Journal of Economic Theory
Stanley Cho International Economic Journal
Isabella Dobrescu Journal of Pension Economics & Finance
Gigi Foster

Journal of Behavioural Economics for Policy

New Zealand Economic Papers

Kevin Fox Journal of Productivity Analysis
Jacob Goeree Games and Economic Behaviour
Arghya Ghosh

Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization

Southern Economic Journal

Pauline Grosjean Journal of the European Economic Association
Benoit Julien International Journal of Economic Theory
Mike Keane

Journal of Econometrics

Research in Economics

Quantitative Marketing and Economics

Valentyn Panchenko Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics
John Piggot Journal of the Economics of Ageing
Carlos Pimienta Journal of Mathematical Economics
Alan Woodland Review of International Economics
Advisory Editor
Jacob Goeree

Experimental Economics

Journal of the Economic Science Association 

Editorial Board / Advisory Board
Erwin Diewert

Review of Income & Wealth

International Productivity Monitor

Denzil Fiebig

The Economic Record

Social Science and Medicine

Gigi Foster

Journal of Economic Psychology

Economic Analysis and Policy

Kevin Fox Review of Income & Wealth
Pauline Grosjean Australian Economics Papers
Richard Holden The Economic Record
Robert Marks Journal of Economic Interaction & Coordination
Andreas Ortmann Review of Behavioural Economics
Nalini Prasad Journal of Business Analytics
Alan Woodland

The Economic Record

International Journal of Economic Theory

Consulting Editor
Gigi Foster

Australian Economic Review

Honorary Editor
Robert Marks

Journal & Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales