Student life

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At UNSW Business School, we ensure you have access to exceptional support for your education and social life at university. You will have an opportunity to explore our actuarial-specific student society, access exciting internship opportunities, and study support tools to make the most out of your university experience. 

Actuarial Society of UNSW (ASOC) 

Make your time at university more enjoyable and rewarding by joining the Actuarial Society of UNSW (ASOC). ASOC provides a wide range of activities and support through social, sporting, academic and career activities. As a constituent club at university, ASOC is supported by Arc, the UNSW Business School, and the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies. 

All students currently completing an actuarial degree; completing a major or minor in actuarial studies, undertaking an actuarial subject, or mathematics for actuarial and finance, will automatically become members of the society. Others wishing to join the society may become associate members by paying an annual membership fee. 

Internships & employment 

Learn more about the internship and career opportunities you’ll have when you study in the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies. Our programs offer students an opportunity to build professional skills that will ensure a successful transition to employment and a thriving career. 

Study support 

Enhance your learning experience and prepare yourself for success with our wide range of study support resources. Whether you need help with application and request forms, peer-assisted study sessions, or IT support, UNSW Business School will give you the tools you need to excel.