Course Objectives

With this course, you will gain a comprehensive overview of solar cell manufacturing and be able to describe several current trends in the field. This course is catered to professionals working in, or aspiring to work in, the photovoltaics or renewable industry.

Topics covered include: How do you fabricate solar cells and modules? How do you go from sand to PV modules? What are the latest current developments in photovoltaic technologies?


The course covers the entire PV manufacturing value chain from sand to modules:

1.    From sand to silicon wafers

a.    Polysilicon manufacturing

b.    Ingot formation and wafering

2.    Solar cell manufacturing

a.    Chemical cleaning and texturing

b.    Diffusion and post diffusion processes

c.    Front and rear surface passivation and minority carrier lifetimes

d.    Rear contact opening and screen printing

e.    Solar cell measurements

f.     Module fabrication

3.    Recent trends in solar cells and modules

Course benefits

By attending the course, you will gain knowledge and skills to assist you in:

  • Applying an understanding of the physics and chemistry underlying the main photovoltaic manufacturing processes, to the optimisation of screen-printed solar cell production lines.
  • Analysing solar cell performance and losses through the use of common testing and characterisation techniques.
  • Use an experimental methodology and apply important manufacturing concepts such as device performance, yield, throughput, and quality control to optimise solar cell production lines.
  • Communicate an awareness of emerging manufacturable solar cell technologies.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals and managers working along the photovoltaic value chain
  • Graduates and professional working on photovoltaic technology

Course fees

AUD$1,043 including GST.



School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) Continuing Professional Education Courses


Online on-demand


Hybrid / In person final session




Please contact Dr. Fiacre Rougieux at the School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW:

Phone: +61 2 9065 3061