For third-year Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security students, Gobi Jegarajasingham and Ryan Leach, completing an internship with a local Canberra business, Cognitive Advantage has given them a career headstart in cyber security.

Cognitive Advantage is a collaborator with UNSW Canberra’s Launch initiative and Gobi and Ryan were mentored by the company’s Managing Director and UNSW Canberra alumnus, Charles Winsor. 

As part of their final year capstone project, Gobi and Ryan were required to lead a successful software engineering project that touched on ICT and cyber security fundamentals. 

Through this project, Gobi and Ryan were looking to counter network degradation by automating a dynamic shift to more optimal networks. Put simply, they were forging a way for a more efficient and seamless internet experience for the everyday user.

Being able to collaborate directly with Charles allowed Gobi and Ryan to have immediate feedback, enhancing their project management and technical experience. 

“We had very quick feedback loops, which meant we could harness Charles’ experience and knowledge to refine and improve the quality of our project,” Ryan said.

While the content they learnt in the classroom gave Gobi and Ryan a solid foundation to build their project on, the internship taught an important lesson on tangible technical and soft skills when solving real-world problems. 

“I found a multitude of learning platforms at Cognitive Advantage through discussions, debates, and trial and error,” Gobi said. 

“The internship connected concepts I have covered in business-related university subjects with more technical computing innovations. It was inspiring to see the full process of innovation and business management,” he said.


Gobi and Ryan are grateful for the opportunity to learn directly from veteran-owned businesses like Cognitive Advantage. Source: UNSW Canberra

Gobi first met Charles in 2022 through the UNSW Career Discovery Mentoring Program (CDMP), a program aimed at connecting students with passionate mentors. Through the program, mentors and mentees foster their career development, sharing unique industry skills, knowledge, and expertise.

“Meeting and being mentored by Charles was one of the most rewarding opportunities I've taken,” Gobi said. 

Continuing to learn from a trusted mentor allowed Gobi to connect his technical knowledge with industry applications. Most importantly, Gobi learnt the importance of ethical and solutions-focused practices.

“Something that will always stick with me after my time with Cognitive Advantage is the importance of honesty, integrity, and transparency in all business interactions. 

“I will always recognise Cognitive Advantage for operating with a genuine desire to help its clients succeed and how this builds trust, credibility, and long-term relationships,” Gobi said.

Connecting with local businesses like Cognitive Advantage through an internship has unlocked the real-world potential in the cyber security industry for Gobi and Ryan.

“This internship and capstone project has certainly improved my leadership potential and instilled self-confidence that I can make a more meaningful contribution to the Australian Defence Force after my studies,” Gobi said.