UNSW Career Discovery Mentoring Program

Connect with an established industry professional and discover potential career opportunities through a mentoring relationship.

Career Explorer Program

Connect with a mentor!

The UNSW Career Discovery Mentoring Program provides students with the opportunity to discover  potential careers through a mentoring relationship that facilitates greater self-awareness of skills, knowledge, experiences and attributes.

Over the last 12 months, 98% of students indicated they would recommend the program to other students!

The UNSW Career Discovery Mentoring Program connects UNSW students with established industry professionals, providing students with a significant opportunity to focus on their career development.

During the mentoring program, students will receive guidance from mentors and gain knowledge of industries and sectors, career options, industry trends, workplace culture and dynamics.

Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and learn from their mentor, as well as the opportunity to build personal and professional networks with mentors and fellow mentees. 

Information session

Online | Wednesday 17 July | 2pm - 3pm

An information session that will explain the Career Discovery Mentoring Program, answer your questions, and provide tips for the application process.

    • Explore multiple industries/sectors to help discover a career path that’s right for you   

    • Build a relationship with an established industry professional who will provide support and guidance  

    • Build confidence in developing personal and professional networks   

    • Develop employability skills such as: communication, interpersonal skills, leadership and organisational skills  

    • Take part in a program that offers the opportunity to engage 100% online or face to face   

    • Gain  AHEGS accreditation  

    Note: This program is not an internship, work experience or employment and does not meet the requirements for Industrial Training. Our aim is to assist you to develop an awareness of the career options and the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a chosen field.  

  • Am I eligible to be a mentee?

    To be eligible to apply students must:

    • be an undergraduate student who has completed a minimum of 24 units of credit
    • be a postgraduate student at any stage
    • have a WAM of 50 or above
    • be enrolled in courses for the program's duration.

    *Please note this program is not suitable for students enrolled in MBA programs. Please contact Career Accelerator @ AGSM for career development support/career coaching support.

    How are students matched with a mentor?

    The matching process is determined by information provided in the Mentor and Mentee application forms. An algorithm considers the industries and sectors you are interested in exploring and years of professional experience, to match you to a mentor.

    It is important to note, you may not be allocated to a mentor in the exact industry in which you requested; however, we encourage you to be open to an experienced professional who can still provide valuable insights, guidance and possibly their own professional network, having a profound impact on your career development. Once the matching process is finalised, you will be notified via email. 

    What’s involved in becoming a mentee?

    As a mentee, you will be required to undertake a number of mandatory activities including: 

    • attending pre-program training
    • meeting with your mentor for a total of 5 hours (online or in person)
    • reflecting on your mentoring experience.


    Email: cdmp@unsw.edu.au

  • The Term 3 program will be running from 2 September – 11 October. 

    Please see below for key dates:

    • Applications open: 8 July

    • Applications close: 4 August 

    • Students are notified if they have been matched with a mentor: 15 August

    • Students attend mandatory pre-program training session (online): 28 August

    • Mentoring meetings occur (5 hours in total): 2 Sep – 11 Oct

    Register your interest for T3 here to be notified once applications open.  

Become a mentor

Share your expertise, knowledge and develop your leadership skills by mentoring UNSW students. 

The Career Discovery Mentoring Program aims to inspire students by connecting them with professionals working across diverse industries and professions. It requires just five hours of your time over six weeks, and can be completed flexibly online or in person.

Mentor applications for Term 3 will open on 1 July. 

Register your interest here to be contacted once applications open.  

For any questions or more information, please contact the Career Discovery Mentoring team at cdmp@unsw.edu.au 

Mentees share their experience

It was fundamental in giving me a lot of clarity and confidence....I started from being a clueless job-searcher to someone who landed a graduate role, all within the five weeks of the program.
Bachelor of Commerce/Science
I learned how useful LinkedIn is. From curating my profile after the program, I have been reached out to by different employers, so it’s been a great medium to meet new people and network.
PhD in Evolutionary Biology,

Mentors share their experience

Through the discussions you have with your mentee, you also reflect on your own career and the path you have taken. It’s very fulfilling to see your mentee take your perspective and ideas with them and put them into action.
Audit & Insurance Manager
Mentoring played a big role in my career, and I wanted to give something back. It was because of good mentors I was able to launch my career.
Strategy Lead and Mentor