Tyree Global Leadership Program

A scholarship to support high achieving women in engineering.

A group of people are listening to an engineering student speak.

Global Leadership Program

A Women in Engineering Scholarship Program

Gain leadership skills, access to women in engineering professionals, and boost your confidence with this unique emerging leader opportunity.

Ten scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants who demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership qualities. Over the course of one year* scholarship recipients will participate in the exclusive Global Leadership Program, which aims to:

  • develop participant leadership skills such as confidence, communication and teamwork
  • provide global opportunities to enhance skills development
  • connect participants to a community of engineering professionals.

*Participants can take part in local and overseas learning experiences over fifteen months, to a total value of $15,000 per participant.

Please read the following information and our FAQ section before submitting your application. 

Program structure

Program components over 15 months:

Leadership development

Developing foundational leadership skills via a bespoke Leadership Foundations stream. 

Career development coaching

Tailored career coaching with guidance on designing your program experience and selecting relevant subsidised professional workshops.

Professional portfolio

Building a portfolio of experiences that showcases your journey as an emerging leader in engineering.

Mentorship and community

A bespoke Career Discovery Mentoring stream with access to a community of women in engineering champions.

Practical experience

Accessing a subsidised CDEV global leadership or global WIL experience of your choice. 

Personalised program journey

Access professional development that is relevant to you. We will help customise your program journey to fit your needs and aspirations. 

Application timeline

Term 1 2024
  • 15 January: applications open
  • 25 February: applications close  
  • 4 March: progress to round two release
  • 11 March: offers for interview day
  • 18-20 March: interview day - to be determined with candidates
  • 25-29 March: results released

2024/2025 Global Leadership Program timeline

Please note that the schedule below is subject to changes; however the timeline is a strong indication of key dates.

  • Program commencement and career discovery sessions (compulsory)

    23 May

    • 10am welcome morning event. Meet the facilitators and the GLP cohort.
    • Availability to book a Career Discovery Coaching Program (CDCP) coaching session. The bespoke CDCP is a chance for you to explore your values and motivations. You’ll consider how they relate to your career goals and how you can tailor your Global Leadership Program experience to suit your goals, values and motivations.

    27 May - 21 April

    • CDCP coaching sessions two and three can be booked any time in this period. 
  • Global Leadership Foundations Intensive - two-day on campus attendance (compulsory)

    27 August

    • 10am - 1pm: Values Strengths and Purpose (Engineering Focused) - discover how your values, strengths and purpose relate to and enhance your leadership skills.

    28 August

    • 10am - 1.30pm: Giving Voice to Values - how to speak your mind when you know what’s right. Learn techniques for effective workplace communication.
    • 2.30pm - 3.30pm: Communicate with impact - building an impressive portfolio. 
    • 4.00pm: networking afternoon. Meet with emerging and experienced engineers in the field. 

    2 September - 11 October (flexible)

    • Select from a range of professional development opportunities, as offered by Engineers Australia
    • Work on digital portfolio by either documenting current experience or adding previous experience. 
  • Option to undertake an overseas CDEV experience on scholarship (intense summer course beginning mid-January and running for two weeks overseas). One scholarship funded CDEV program is on offer for each student in the cohort. Our Global Experience takes place at TEDI-London (January intensive) and Cambridge (January). Please see our Global Practice of Work opportunities here.

    Note: the locations for our courses can change, which means there may be new opportunities in 2024/2025.

  • 5 February (compulsory)

    • Women in engineering professionals meet up brunch.

    6 February - 29 March

    • Career Discover Mentoring Program (Engineering-focused). Gain greater self-awareness of skills and access expert guidance from industry professionals. Meet ups between are to be determined between mentor and mentee.

    12 February - April (flexible)

    • Select from a range of professional development opportunities, as offered by Engineers Australia
    • Work on digital portfolio by either documenting current experience or adding previous experience. 
  • Option to undertake an overseas CDEV experience on scholarship in Term 2, as an alternative to summer 2024/2025. One scholarship funded CDEV program is on offer for each student in the cohort. Previous Global Experiences took place at TEDI London and Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. Please see our previous Global Practice of Work opportunities here.

    Note: the locations for our courses can change, this also means there may be new opportunities in 2024/2025.

  • O Week

    • GLP Closing event - to be scheduled in O-Week. It includes program reflections, next steps, feedback and ‘how to leverage your scholarship experience’.

Frequently asked questions

  • To be eligible to apply students must:

    • be an undergraduate female student studying an engineering degree (including dual programs)
    • have a WAM of 70 or above
    • have completed a minimum of 48 UOC
    • be available to complete the program prior to commencing honours.
  • There is a three-step recruitment process.

    A. Written and audio-visual application

    Applicants must submit the following:

    1. An up-to-date resume. We recommend using Resumer Checker before uploading your resume. 
    2. A written personal statement outlining why you are interested in the Tyree Global Leadership Program, your career goals, and any challenges you may have faced in pursuing a career in engineering. The statement should be 400 words maximum in length. 
    3. A video statement responding to the question “Tell us about a time when you had to display your leadership skills in a team environment”. The video will be submitted via the application platform Vieple – you are not required to pre-record a video. Vieple will allow you to record your live video response for submission. You will be given a maximum of two minutes to respond to the question and two attempts to respond. We recommend that you prepare some points for your response before accessing the application platform and access our Student Resources page, which provides resume and interview tips. 
    4. A copy of your academic statement. You may submit your academic statement from myUNSW; an official transcript is not required.

    Should you successfully progress through the first-round assessment process, the second phase involves three short tests and an in-person interview. Further details and instructions will be provided to second round candidates in the week commencing 1 March. The second round includes:

    B. Psychometric testing

    Candidates are linked to three tests, including numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, and a tailored situational reasoning test with a focus on leadership attributes. The tests should be completed within three days.

    C. Case study interview

    Individual interviews or an assessment centre will be conducted depending on the number of successful candidates in round two.

  • The Global Leadership Program has been designed with the student workload in mind. Learning experiences have been scheduled in pre-term periods and should complement and enhance your study program. Each term has scheduled activities from 5 hours to a maximum of 20 hours, the majority of which are scheduled pre-term (O-Week). The program also offers one subsidised* overseas course opportunity per participating student (for 6 UoC general education or free elective credit). Please see the program timelines for more programming information. 

    *A portion of the scholarship funds will go towards additional program fees and costs associated with the overseas experience such as accommodation and flights. Tuition fees for the 6 UoC course will not be covered by the scholarship. 

  • Yes. While some aspects of the program will be compulsory for all students, other aspects will provide options that will allow you to personalise the program to suit interests, goals and availability. Please refer to the program timeline to see the compulsory and flexible activities. 

  • No. Students awarded entry into the program will be granted access to special training and experiences that the scholarship is designed to fund. Depending on the specific experiences you choose, UNSW Employability may fund the experience for you using your allocated scholarship, or transfer a portion of the scholarship to you for use towards a specific experience in the program.

Who can I contact for further questions?

Please contact employability@unsw.edu.au.