CDEV3500 Future Leader Lab

Negin Sarmadi walking across Campus

CDEV3500: Future Leader Lab is a leadership development course in which students work in interdisciplinary teams to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

Students develop in-depth, high-quality learning by working in interdisciplinary teams with forward-thinking industry partners, who will present seminars across the course, and form a judging panel for the final presentations.

Coure details

  • Involves problem-based learning (PBL) whereby students work in interdisciplinary teams (though are assessed individually) to consider how community, government, and industry leadership can solve challenging, real-world problems.

  • Students learn about theories and applications of leadership, and have the opportunity to collaborate with community, government, and industry leaders.

  • Students undertake research to understand the root-cause of a complex, real-world problem; generate solutions to that problem; and ultimately pitch one solution to an expert panel.

  • Course is 6UOC and can be undertaken as a general education course.
  • This is an approved final year synthesis course for Bachelor of Commerce students.
  • There are no prerequisites and no minimum UOC completions required.
  • Maximum of 30 places available and open to undergraduate students only.
  • Students must have good academic standing.

Social impact

More and more customers are prioritising a business' commitment to better their community. With this course you will focus on developing skills in leadership by addressing sustainable development goals that will benefit businesses by:

  • building trust with the community
  • keeping employers engaged
  • attracting loyal customers
  • creating meaningful change
  • ensuring sustainability 
  • telling a story people care about.


Watch this space for information on the next course intake!