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Welcome to Career Accelerator at UNSW Business School.  

Career Accelerator is a suite of opportunities and experiences available to all UNSW Business School students. Each is carefully designed to help you build your professional skills in a way that complements your studies and aligns with your professional goals and interests.  

Choose from our diverse range of opportunities and experiences including internships, mentoring programs, industry networking events, global opportunities, and access to academic support.  

Career Accelerator is the conduit between you and industry. We help you develop the skills, knowledge and attributes valued by employers, so you can transition successfully to the workforce and manage meaningful and sustainable work throughout your career. 

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The best place to start your career journey is with Career Accelerator: Essentials (COMM6000), a series of online modules to help develop your career skills and unlock access to mentoring programs, networking events and work experience opportunities. Modules include Plan for Your Success, Communication, Teamwork, and Digital Capabilities. On completion you'll also earn a digital badge to display on your LinkedIn profile.

Upskill now with Career Accelerator: Essentials

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As an undergraduate student at UNSW Business School, Career Accelerator offers opportunities, resources and experiences that enhance your studies and equip you with information to make decisions about your career. Entering the workforce, pursuing additional study or academia or starting your own business: Career Accelerator helps you explore your strengths and navigate the world of work. 


Whether you're going into a new career or specialising in your chosen field, Career Accelerator provides opportunities and business experiences including internships, mentoring and academic support. Choose from a huge range of business experiences based on your goals, strengths or career aspirations. 


Career Accelerator @AGSM

Career Accelerator @ AGSM is a dedicated MBA career support network for AGSM students. It’s designed to help you realise your career ambitions and provide you with tools for life-long career success.


Career Accelerator connects industry with undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students. Organisations get access to early talent identification and fresh perspectives in the workplace.

Student community

Your UNSW Business School community is here for you, no matter where you are and what you're studying. Connect with students in your degree, the wider university community, and our formally affiliated UNSW Business School clubs and societies.

Career resources

We curate a range of bespoke tools to help you build your career. Discover the range of free certifications and external short courses that can open up work opportunities and help you build your resume for a graduate program, internship or dream job.

Upcoming events

Connect with industry representatives, gain valuable insights from leading organisations and build your professional network at Career Accelerator’s range of events, masterclasses and showcases. Explore the world of work in the company of your peers, mentors and Australia’s leading thinkers.

Meet the team

Career Accelerator provides a suite of career development opportunities to support students across the UNSW Business School, with tailored workshops, events and programs designed specifically for business students in collaboration with our industry partners.