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UNSW Business School's undergraduate degrees prepare you for long-term success in a fast-changing world.

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When you join our undergraduate community, you'll build the foundations of your career from day one of your degree. 

You'll join a world-renowned community of students, researchers, academics and alumni dedicated to driving purposeful change through business. At a global top 50 university you'll learn adaptive thinking, gain professional experience and build the networks you need to thrive in a fast-changing world. 

We have a wide range of undergraduate degrees, specialisations and double degrees designed to help you shape a uni experience that matches your interests, talents and goals, and also to inspire new ones. They cover diverse areas of business, including: 

Career Accelerator

Career Accelerator is unique to UNSW Business School. We'll work with you to build professional skills, gain work experience and internships and open networking opportunities to support your career goals. 

Uni life - what's it all about? 

Discover what student life looks like as part of our global business community. Explore student clubs, societies, classrooms and facilities, learn about international experiences, and access a range of important student services.