Learning Support & Tools

UNSW Business School strives to support students in their learning. To ensure you’re able to do your best academically, we provide a wide range of free resources and services to help students in-class and out-of-class, as well as online.

PASS offers free, weekly study sessions run by students for students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses across the Business School. Learn from a student who has successfully completed the relevant course.  

Take advantage of our free learning consultations.  You’ll meet one-on-one with an experienced learning consultant who can help you with business studies, academic writing, referencing, research and much more.

Find out more about our communication and academic support programs within the Business School. Whether it’s communication workshops, literacy consultations or useful learning modules, you’ll receive the essentials tools to accelerate your studies.  

Read through our useful tips on time management and how to prepare for exams for UNSW Business School courses. We offer exam prep resources, workshops, and time management guidelines to ensure your academic success.  

Through our learning support program and the School of Economics, UNSW Business School offers a variety of services and resources to help students with mathematical and statistical knowledge. 

The UNSW business school offers casual “English Conversation Classes” where we meet up to talk socially, get to know one another, and practice our spoken English.