UNSW Sandbox Program

A platform that empowers tripartite partnerships among industry, academics, and students to co-create solutions for contemporary business and societal problems.

2022 UNSW Sandbox End-of-Year Event
Over 7,800 students
completions since November 2019.
Over 30 organisations
represented by more than 150 practitioners.
7 disciplines
over 75 real-world challenges.

How does the Program work?

We design transformative learning experiences that not only benefit students but also bring innovative ideas to our industry partners. Students often describe their Sandbox experiences as eye-opening, meaningful, and instrumental in sparking their interest in various career paths. Through the trilateral relationships fostered among students, academics, and the industry, previous Sandbox collaborations have evolved into direct employment opportunities, research partnerships, and knowledge exchange engagements.

Want to Partner with us on your next challenge?

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Global Sandbox Alliance

Envisioning a network of Sandbox Programs spread across universities and disciplines, the Global Sandbox Alliance offers a platform for academics, industry, and students to form productive, sustainable partnerships and leverage global expertise and resources. Our Alliance will be supported by a triad of a Sandbox Pedagogy, a Sandbox Program, and a Sandbox Platform (P3). We are currently onboarding our first Alliance members. Contact us to learn more.

Our Partners

Our collaboration extends across a diverse spectrum of businesses and community organisations. These include prominent entities in the technology, pharmaceutical, and consulting sectors, along with humanitarian organisations, government agencies, and insurance companies. We also partner with social enterprises and local community groups.